I am interested in exploring art forms that allow me to spontaneously collaborate with the materials I work with. Rather than forcing them to fit my intention, I enjoy the interactive process with the media. The materials speak to me and make me respond to them. Each medium has a unique character, and often demands a specific artistic process or combination with other materials. The message in my work is rarely my idea alone – rather I wish to co-exist in harmony with nature, by listening to the voices of the materials.

My inspirations are often drawn from evolving and decaying facets of nature and their spiritual imprints. I have been inspired by unnoticeable elements, such as wind, soil and water, as well as man- made artifacts such as industrial wastes and debris. I use such seemingly trivial objects in my installations to bring them back to life.

Through my art work, I want to confront the tension between transience and permanency, surface and depth, gravity and non- gravity, and ultimately, the fragility of our existence.